Mastering Sales Promotion: Essential Personal Traits for Success

September 29, 2023
Sheetal S Kumar
Sheetal S Kumar
Sheetal S Kumar
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Mastering Sales Promotion: Essential Personal Traits for Success

In business, the initial factor that taps the interest of a prospective customer is the sales rep.

 Their way of approach, body language, the way they carry themselves, and their method of relationship building are decisive in leading the prospect through the sales pipeline.

 In short, it can be said that the sales reps are the primary face of your organization’s brand to the client. 

Hence, sales reps must possess the essential personality traits that will make clients interested in conversation with them and help sales reps be successful in their field. 

In this article, we will explore sales promotion personal traits, the importance of sales traits, 7 sales personality traits that help salesforce be successful, and tips to improve sales traits. 

Let's delve into the topic for more.

What Is a Sales Personality?

Sales personality is a set of traits that are expected of a salesperson to help them generate leads, convert prospects faster, and close deals quickly. Some of the essential sales traits include confidence, industry and product knowledge, consistency in the sales process, etc. Embracing a management by objectives (MBO) approach in developing these traits is crucial for keeping sales reps stand out in a competitive crowd.

These are essential attributes that keep them to stand out in a competitive crowd. 

As the salesperson is a brand of the company, their way of approaching clients and behavior can have positive and negative effects. For this reason, a salesforce with ideal sales team roles and responsibilities and sales personality traits must be chosen to be a part of your organization’s team.

7 traits of highly successful salespeople?

More than any sales strategy, the most effective sales promotion is done by the salesforce themselves. Hence their sales traits can be called sales promotion personality traits that decide the future of a deal. 

Here are the 7 most crucial sales traits of highly successful salespeople.

7 Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople
  1. Confidence

Sales reps must be confident. They must be confident about themselves, their knowledge of the product, their body language, and the way they present themselves. The conviction with which they speak about the product must convince the client to believe that their operations lack behind without the tool. 

  1. Competitive 

Sales reps must be competitive in their game. They must have the determination to win, be goal-oriented, and be focused in their efforts to achieve the quotas. Only with a competitive spirit can a sales rep survive in their race and emerge victorious.   

  1. Resourceful

Sales is a tedious process where every point will be met with objections and challenges. A successful sales rep will be resourceful in overcoming difficulties and handling objections. They will be quick in resolving the hurdles and show high problem-solving skills. 

  1. Discipline 

Sales is also a job that requires discipline. A sales process can take from six months to over a year. Such a waiting period requires consistency in performance on their part, patience to wait for the client to reach back, and following up on them without sounding desperate. 

  1. Communication 

Communication is a skill. But for a salesperson having good communication is an essential trait. An efficient salesperson will be able to handle language with ease and transact the product features and other particulars with clarity. In addition to conveying these ideas, they also must be good listeners who listen to the challenges and requirements of the client to suggest resolutions.   

  1. Proactive 

Sales these days do not need a reactive response but a proactive solution. This means that the sales rep must study the organizational structure, find the gap in their operations, and approach the company pointing out their lack and suggesting support to resolve the issue. With the increasing competition in the market only with a proactive approach can salesforce meet their quotas.    

  1. Optimism

As mentioned, sales is a long process where half your efforts go in vain of rejections. In such a work profile, sales reps must be thick-skinned to handle such dismissals, keep their hopes up, and focus on their leads in the pipeline to strive to close deals and achieve the quotas. Implementing effective individual incentives can also boost their motivation and drive to succeed.

These are the essential seven qualities of a salesperson that will help them traverse through the challenges of their job and rise to win their deals. 

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Tips for improving sales personality traits

Of the essential sales personality traits, it's not necessary that each salesperson be born with all these traits. But it is important that you work to imbibe these sales traits to emerge successful 

A few tips to improve the sales personality traits include:

Tips for Improving Sales Personality Traits
  • Schedule Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is a one-on-one meeting that a sales manager has with their sales reps. In this session, the sales reps share their challenges and strengths and through their conversation find ways to improve with the help of their manager. Regularly scheduling sales coaching sessions will help salesforce improve their traits and track their progress using sales productivity metrics.

  • Join Sales Groups 

The evolution of social media has opened many opportunities for professional growth. There are many WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups, especially for sales where discussions about various topics are held. Being a part of these groups helps salesforce to improve their traits, skills, and performance.    

  • Initiate Peer Discussions 

There is no better feedback than from your colleagues and peers who can give professional and personal tips for improvement, including quota setting best practices. Sharing recordings of your cold calls and emails is a good practice to follow among the sales team. It gives ideas of best practices that can be taken in by the team and understand the mistakes to avoid in future scenarios.

  • Follow Sales Influencers 

Influencers are buzzing on all social media platforms. From YouTube to LinkedIn there are many sales gurus whom the salesforce can follow to get the latest updates in sales, learn from their mistakes and advice, and grow with an experienced mentor by your side.

The opportunity to learn, unlearn, and relearn is immense in this digital age. Sales reps just have to be open to the world and keep a mindset to gain knowledge and acquire skills. Only through such an attitude can sales reps survive in the current market competition. 

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Every job demands constant learning and upskilling. If an employee is not ready to put in that effort, it simply means you will become obsolete and will be easily replaced.  

In the competitive workspace, it is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that they remain relevant and competent. 

Especially in sales where your personality traits have a direct impact on the work you need, it is the responsibility of the salesforce to keep track of their performance and improvement. Imbibing sales personality traits, keeping a close watch on their sales performance, and asking for feedback for improvement, supported by insights from a reliable sales pipeline calculator, are a few essential steps that will help the salesforce upskill.

Automating the sales performance tracking makes these initiatives and efforts objective as it is backed by data. 

Kennect supports you in sales performance management to create transparency and achieve operational efficiency. For more information Book A Demo Today!


Sheetal S Kumar

Sheetal is a content strategist and writer at Kennect. She has extensive writing experience in content marketing and research, focused on small business enterprises and B2B Saas. She is passionate about creating engaging and insightful blogs while exploring the power of content and social media.


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