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Build, run and automate your incentive compensation plans to create transparency and achieve operational efficiency. Kennect’s intelligent nudges based on sales compensation enable your employees to stay motivated & keep pushing their limits. 

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with Kennect, everyone wins

Sales Operations

Kennect helps in automating your entire sales compensation journey. From Plan, design, and approvals to disbursement. And everything in between.

  • ♦
    Intuitive & no-code plan builder. This allows you to save up to 80% of the time that goes into building complex plans.
  • ♦
    Workflow management. Whether publishing documents or releasing plans, a simple configuration is all you need to put the workflows into motion/action.
  • ♦
    From managing draws to clawbacks, from crediting transactions to holding payments, Kennect makes everything simple.

Finance operations

With Kennect, you do not have to break a sweat to get the reports you need.

Kennect will be able to integrate well with your existing tools and generate auditable reports that you can rely on.

  • ♦
    Get readily available payout reports that comply with your accounting system standards such as ASC606.
  • ♦
    Never let your commissions overrun your budgets with Kennect's out-of-the-box forecasting tool.
  • ♦
    Why spend another day sharing data with Audit when Kennect can provide you with audit-ready reports.

Sales Leaders

Incentive payouts and analytics should not be a black box for sales leaders.

  • ♦
    Multi-region support. Whether you manage just one market or many across multiple currencies and geographies, you get consolidated reports on a single screen.
  • ♦
    Forecasting and modeling of incentives allow you to create better plans.
  • ♦
    Measure the effectiveness of your incentive programs with Kennect's out-of-the-box reports.

Sales Executive

Let your reps focus on what they do the best while Kennect transparently handles the visibility of commission.

  • ♦
    Keep your reps informed on their current, past, and future earnings with full traceability from deals to payouts.
  • ♦
    Built-in dispute management module. Get commission-related questions resolved quickly without moving to another platform.
  • ♦
    Industry-first Commission Simulator. Reps can plan their earnings by simulating their performances.  And also keep track of where they stand vs. where they want to be.

IT Operations

Get your commission system up and running in no time.

  • ♦
    Quick integration and setup. Kennect supports 100+ integrations to bring you to speed in no time
  • ♦
    Kennect is an enterprise-grade software that scales as your teams grow.
  • ♦
    Kennect complies with the highest security standards to ensure your complete peace of mind. read more


Establish a culture of high transparency and employee satisfaction with Kennect.

  • ♦
    Retain your top sales reps by giving them transparency on their performance and commissions
  • ♦
    Monitor Key performance metrics like incentive penetration, meaningful program engagement, and dispute resolution time.
  • ♦
    Integrate with your HRMS system for end-to-end visibility of sales compensation payouts
Quick onboarding

Quick onboarding

Stress free incentive administration

Stress free incentive

Zero professional services fee

Zero professional
services fee

Enterprise grade scalability

Enterprise grade

No-code visual plan builder

Your incentive plans may get complex but building them in Kennect will always be simple. And the best part is that no database knowledge is required.

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    Manage variations of a plan on a single screen.
  • kennect
    Default support for lookup tables, rate charts, etc.
  • kennect
    Quickly test and verify plan output.
Visual plan builder

Robust crediting rule engine

Robust sales crediting

Compensating the sales team accurately requires robust crediting, which can be challenging without systems like Kennect, assigning each transaction to the last person correctly.

  • kennect
    Visual crediting rule builder.
  • kennect
    Support for the overriding transaction, multi-level rollups, and exception management.
  • kennect
    Full traceability of each transaction.

Documents and workflows

With Kennect, you can easily configure workflows for sharing the document, getting plan approvals, dispute resolution with the ability to track and send reminders.

  • kennect
    Send personalised incentive letters and track acceptance.
  • kennect
    Generate incentive statements and share them instantly with the entire sales team.
Spreadsheets and cashflows

A Sales-centric incentive solution like no other

Sales incentive

Kennect helps you drive desired sales behavior by aligning your sales team with organizational goals and helping them earn more.

  • kennect
    Sales teams are mobile, and so is Kennect.
  • kennect
    AI-driven smart nudges to push your sales team to achieve their KPIs.
  • kennect
    Helping your sales representatives stay on their goals & targets.

Accuracy of commission calculations


Hours saved every month by the admin team


Reduction in commission
related inquiries


Success Stories

Kennect helps you drive desired sales behavior by aligning your sales team with organizational goals and helping them earn more.

Now, not only incentive payouts have been automated,
we also provide real-time visibility to our 2500+ sales team members.

Incentive-related queries have gone down by 80%.
And we are always audit-ready.

Read more
Sales Compensation
Integrations of CRMs

Out-of-the-box integrations with 100+ apps you already love and use

Roche testimonial
Roche Products
Business Excellence Head
Customer success

Kennect’s platform has helped us bring data from different applications into a single tool. This helps save time for the sales team and enables us to focus on generating more insights to support decision-making.

Keeping your data secure is
our absolute top priority.

Security and trust have always been at the core of our platform and will remain an essential requirement for all new feature development. 

We have obtained global ISO 27001 certification and are compliant with CSA-STAR matrix, ISO 27001 and NIST 800-x. And we make sure to renew them at least annually to ensure continuous and independent audits of our technology and systems.

We hold ourselves to the highest security standards to ensure your complete peace of mind. We also provide role-based visibility and maintain detailed audit logs.  Further, we have implemented the Disaster Recovery & Backup mechanism, Encryption at rest.

Indoco - Testimonials

After the implementation of Kennect, we have witnessed an increase in user awareness of their incentive earning potential, which used to be the major pain area for us. And all of it has directly and positively impacted the company's performance.

Indoco Remedies
Head of Sales Technology

Kennect is a platform which is loved by the field force. It helps them keep track of their incentive and other KPIs and provides them alerts with gaps in their performance.

Alkem Labs
SFE Head

We have fully automated incentive calculation using Kennect Platform. Now, each of our 2000+ reps know their incentive potential and gaps in real-time.

MIS Head

Our incentive structure is complicated so we were a little skeptical but now I  glad that we chose Kennect and then went live for all 20 teams. After a year of using just the automation part, we now also seamlessly provide real-time incentive visibility to each and every sales rep"

Abhijit More
Data Management Lead, Sanofi

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    Zero professional services cost post-implementation. Guaranteed.
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    Go live in just 4-6 weeks
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    Innovative features like intelligent nudges and a commission simulator for reps.

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