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Introduction to SPM

There is no denying that the role of a sales leader is becoming increasingly challenging day by day. Growth leaders are faced with the daunting task of achieving aggressive goals in a remarkably short period of time to combat cut-throat competition. 

Another important realisation is that data is everything! With digital transformation taking hold, there is no doubt among sales leaders that data-led approaches to sales strategy are the way to go.

What is Sales Performance Management (SPM)?

Sales Performance Management is a data-informed approach to planning, managing, and analyzing sales performance.

To put it simply, a Sales Performance Management software allows you to use your data in a more systematic and accurate way. This means that you can now gain better insights, identify risks and take more bold decisions in real-time. 

Over the years, it is becoming increasingly clear that SPM is not just a preference but a priority for most sales leaders to gain the agility and accuracy needed to thrive in today’s business environment.

While digital transformation is not a one-step process, Sales Performance Management could be step one for sales leaders!

Benefits of Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management solutions streamline the sales process. They help you break the silos of legacy systems by collecting your data from multiple sources (spreadsheets or any other homegrown systems) and streamlining it into a single source of information.

Effective SPM solutions have the potential to-

Facilitate collaboration between departments and teams

Automate and integrate processes 

Allow leaders to effectively design and manage quotas, territories and incentives

Boost sales ROI

Address market and economic shifts

Sales Performance Management Solutions by Industry

Manufacturing Industry

When selecting an SPM solution for the manufacturing industry, it's important to consider the specific needs and requirements of the industry.  

Factors such as scalability, ease of use, flexibility, and vendor support should be taken into account.

It is recommended to request demos, and speak with vendor representatives to find the best fit for your manufacturing business.

Retail Industry

Sales Performance Management tools for the retail industry often integrate with various data sources and systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and inventory management systems.

This integration allows for seamless data flow, reduces manual data entry, and provides a holistic view of sales performance.

By implementing a robust SPM solution tailored for the retail industry, organizations can drive sales productivity, enhance performance transparency, and align sales activities with business objectives.

Life Sciences Industry

Life Sciences companies operate in a highly regulated environment. SPM solutions for this industry incorporate compliance features to ensure adherence to regulations, such as tracking and reporting of promotional activities, monitoring of fair market value (FMV) guidelines, and maintaining transparency in incentive compensation processes. 

By leveraging SPM solutions, Life Sciences companies can enhance their sales performance management process and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Finance Industry

Financial institutions often have complex commission and incentive structures to motivate and reward their sales teams. A Sales Performance Management system offers ICM functionality to automate the calculation, allocation, and payout of commissions and incentives based on predefined rules and performance metrics.

This ensures accurate and timely compensation calculations, reduces errors, and improves sales team motivation and alignment with business objectives. Customization options and the ability of the SPM solution to adapt to evolving business requirements are also crucial factors to consider.

Features that makes KENNECT the best option

Query Management
IC reports and
real time tracking
Enterprise Grade Scalability
Intelligent Nudges
Custom Workflow Management
Seamless Integration with CRM, HRMs, ERP's
No Code plan builder
IC Simulator
Query Management
IC reports and
real time tracking
Enterprise Grade Scalability
Intelligent Nudges
Custom Workflow Management
Seamless Integration with CRM, HRMs, ERP's
No Code plan builder
IC Simulator


What is Sales Performance Management?

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a crucial aspect of business operations, especially for organizations that rely on sales revenue as a primary driver of growth. SPM refers to the strategies, processes, and tools used to measure, manage, and enhance the performance of a sales team.

What is the importance of Sales Performance Management?
How to overcome the sales planning challenges with Sales Performance Management?

Sales planning challenges can be effectively addressed with the implementation of Sales Performance Management (SPM) strategies by-

Defining clear goals and objectives

Analyzing historical data

Aligning sales territories and quotas

Providing sales training and development

Fostering collaboration and communication

Why should you upgrade?


Time Consuming and Error prone
Live tracking not available
Complex process to manage and collate individual report
Transparency on queries is non-existent and difficult to navigate
through mails
Difficult to use data analytics
Not Scalable

Legacy Systems

Outdated and Complicated UI
Limited Data Analytics
Huge Integrations and professional fees
Expert and costly resources to manage the systems
Not built for SPM
Difficult to adapt to your business requirements

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