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Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive compensation management (ICM) is vital for talent management in any organization. It involves identifying key performance indicators, designing an incentive plan, implementing it, and monitoring its effectiveness.

ICM creates and manages incentive compensation plans that help to motivate and reward employees for achieving specific goals. These plans align employee efforts with the company's objectives and can be a powerful tool for driving performance and increasing productivity.

Benefits of Incentive Management

Incentive management offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers. 

For employees, incentive compensation plans are a valuable source of motivation, providing a clear path to achieving specific goals and financial rewards. This boosts morale and job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and better retention rates.

For employers, incentive compensation plans help attract and retain top talent, drive performance, and increase profitability. They also help align employee efforts with the company's overall strategy, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals.

Types of Incentive Compensation

Several types of incentive compensation include bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, and stock options.

➼ Bonuses are typically a one-time payment to employees to achieve specific goals or targets.

➼ Commissions are a percentage of the sales revenue paid to salespeople for each sale they make.

➼ Profit sharing is a portion of the company's profits distributed to employees based on their performance.

➼ Stock options are the right to buy company stock at a set price, which can be a valuable incentive for employees.

Sales Incentive Management Softwares

Sales incentive management software is a tool that can help companies streamline the process of managing incentive compensation plans, particularly for sales teams. 

These tools can automate the tracking and calculating bonuses, commissions, and other incentive payments, making it easier for managers to monitor performance and payout incentives.

Sales incentive management software can also provide real-time data and analytics, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions about incentive compensation.

Designing Effective Incentive Compensation Plans

Designing effective incentive compensation plans requires careful consideration of several factors.

➼ First, the company must identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) it wants to incentivize.

➼ Second, it must design an incentive plan that aligns with these KPIs and motivates employees to achieve them.

➼ Third, it must implement and communicate the project to employees effectively.

➼ Finally, it must monitor and evaluate the plan's effectiveness and adjust as needed.

Effective incentive compensation plans should be simple, straightforward, and achievable, with meaningful and motivational rewards for employees.

Incentive Compensation Management Process

The incentive compensation management process typically involves several steps.

➼ First, the company must identify its KPIs to incentivize, such as sales targets, customer satisfaction ratings, or productivity metrics.

➼ Second, it must design an incentive plan that aligns with these KPIs, such as a commission structure for sales teams or profit-sharing for all employees.

➼ Third, it must implement the project and communicate it to employees effectively, ensuring everyone understands the goals and how they can achieve them.

➼ Fourth, it must monitor the plan's effectiveness and adjust based on performance data and employee feedback.

➼ Finally, it must evaluate the plan's overall effectiveness and make changes as necessary to ensure that it continues to motivate and reward employees effectively.

Features that makes KENNECT the best option

Query Management
IC reports and
real time tracking
Enterprise Grade Scalability
Intelligent Nudges
Custom Workflow Management
Seamless Integration with CRM, HRMs, ERP's
No Code plan builder
IC Simulator
Query Management
IC reports and
real time tracking
Enterprise Grade Scalability
Intelligent Nudges
Custom Workflow Management
Seamless Integration with CRM, HRMs, ERP's
No Code plan builder
IC Simulator


How Does Kennect's Sales Incentive Compensation Management Software Help Businesses?

Kennect’s ICM solution helps you break the silos of legacy systems by collecting your data from multiple sources (spreadsheets or any other homegrown systems) and streamlining it into a single source of information. This macroscopic viewpoint makes your data usable, helping you make better business decisions. With all the relevant data in one place, sales managers can proceed to analyze it more deeply and give holistic insights.

How Does Kennect Help Businesses to Optimize their Incentive Compensation Plans?

With Kennect’s ICM solution, enterprises can use these features to take complete control of their comp plans -

1. Intuitive & no-code plan builder that allows you to save up to 80% of the time that goes into building complex plans.

2. Industry-first Commission Simulator that reps can use to plan their earnings by simulating their sales data and achieve real-time visibility.

3. Kennect supports 100+ integrations to bring you to speed in no time.

4. Interactive leaderboard that is easy to use and understand.

5. Intelligent nudges based on sales compensation enable your employees to stay motivated & keep pushing their limits.

How Much Does Kennect’s Sales Incentive Compensation Management Software Cost?

Kennect provides pricing options based entirely on the solutions your business requires, with the best-in-class support you deserve. Visit our pricing page to know more!

How Does Kennect's Incentive Compensation Management Software Work?

Kennect’s fully automated ICM solution leverages a data-driven approach to build, run and automate your incentive compensation plans to create transparency and achieve operational efficiency. Kennect helps you break the silos of your comp system by seamlessly integrating across CRM, ERP and HRIS.

How Do You Select The Best Incentive Compensation Management Software?

If your organization uses spreadsheets or a homegrown system, ask yourself these questions to make sure that the solution you choose is really automated and future-ready-

1. Is your solution built for integrations across CRM, ERP and HRIS?

2. Is your solution capable of change? Is your Incentive Compensation solution capable of incorporating changing business needs or does it break like most legacy systems would? 

3. Is it easy for your sales leaders and reps to interact with your solution?

4. Can your solution incorporate incentives like bonuses, spiffs, and MBOs?

Why Kennect?


Time Consuming and Error prone
Live tracking not available
Complex process to manage and collate individual report
Transparency on queries is non-existent and difficult to navigate
through mails
Difficult to use data analytics
Not Scalable

Legacy Systems

Outdated and Complicated UI
Limited Data Analytics
Huge Integrations and professional fees
Expert and costly resources to manage the systems
Not built for SPM
Difficult to adapt to your business requirements

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