How to Improve Sales Performance for Your Business & Drive Revenue

May 11, 2023
Sheetal S Kumar
Sheetal S Kumar
Sheetal S Kumar
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What makes a sales team successful?

Well, a successful sales team is determined by their high performance, their motivation to strive hard and achieve their sales quotas and goals, their yearning to consistently learn new things and strategize innovative sales campaigns, and their competence to generate new leads and close deals.

In short, a successful sales team is determined by their sales performance. 

This article looks through the factors that affect sales performance and provides tips to improve your sales performance. 

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What Factors Affect Sales Performance?

Factors that Affect Sales Performance
  • Salesforce Competence

Sales performance is directly related to the competence of the sales team. Their potential to attract the attention of potential clients, generate different types of sales leads, and close a deal is what makes the business thrive.

  • Organizational Work Culture 

The work environment has the power to either enhance or undermine the potential and skills of disengaged employees. Therefore, it is crucial for the organization to ensure a seamless sales onboarding process, consistent training, and a healthy atmosphere that promotes growth and upskilling.

  • Teamwork of the Sales Team 

In most cases, the successful closure of a client deal is a team effort rather than an individual accomplishment, highlighting the importance of the coordination and cooperation among sales team roles in devising innovative strategies, valuing the ideas of each team member, and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the salesforce, all of which can have a profound impact on their sales performance.

  • Budget Availability

Having the finance to run successful sales campaigns and efficiently execute the sales plans and strategies will motivate the salesforce to strive better. Constant hurdles at work especially due to lack of funding can greatly affect their sales performance. 

  • Digital Efficiency 

Incorporating digital solutions into routine operations eases human effort without compromising on efficiency. A data-driven sales campaign gives clarity on its effectiveness and helps develop customized strategies that have a higher rate of conversion. Additionally, providing your team with valuable resources such as a free sales funnel template can streamline lead management and contribute to improved sales performance.

Tips on How to Improve Sales Performance

Improve Sales Performance
  • Finding the Right Talent

The right person can make a huge difference in the way the job at hand is handled. Organizations must stay keen in looking for candidates who can contribute to the efficient fulfillment of the task as well as improve the sales performance of their entire team. 

  • Upskilling Regularly

In today's market expectations, maintaining competence and consistency in one's job is vital. Therefore, sales professionals must embrace the responsibility of enhancing their skills to boost sales performance. Simultaneously, organizations should provide regular sales coaching tips to ensure their employees attain the desired productivity levels.   

  • Staying Up To Date on the Market Changes 

Sales forces and organizations must keep their ears and eyes open to understand the changes happening in the market. You must be curious about new developments, interested to learn new things and stay aware of your competitor's moves.

  • Systematic Restrategizing 

Sales require creative and innovative campaigns that are refurbished regularly to gain the attention of your potential clients and generate leads. Hence, the sales team must be constantly involved in systematically restrategizing and customizing their plans for better conversion rates. An agile sales team structure facilitates swift adaptation and collaboration, ensuring seamless execution of these dynamic marketing initiatives.

  • Incorporation of Digital Solutions

Digital solutions are inevitable in the current scenario. When software can ease your routine work effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner, why not incorporate that into your everyday operations? Embracing digital tools not only streamlines day-to-day tasks but also enhances the effectiveness of your sales campaign, providing valuable insights for better decision-making.

  • Setting Realistic Goals

The aim of the sales force being assigned sales quotas and targets is to improve their sales performance. So managers must set goals that are motivating, realistic and achievable. An impossible goal will only have the counter effect where the salesperson feels overburdened and demotivated in their job. Tracking performance and productivity is essential in this scenario, and utilizing tools like a sales pipeline calculator can provide valuable insights for effective goal-setting.

Tracking of Performance and Productivity

With technology, performance, and productivity that were considered qualitative have become quantifiable. Sales performance management solutions provide data-driven insight to managers about their team’s efforts and setbacks. Such tracking allows managers to reward their team for their hard work as well as provide effective feedback for improvements. 

  • Providing Consistent Feedback 

Feedbacks are an essential part of growth and improvement and managers must know the art of giving feedback. They must ensure to highlight the positives of the salesperson before pointing out the areas of improvement. This sets a healthy environment for the team to take up constructive criticism for better sales performance. 

  • Creating a Healthy Work Environment

A work environment where the employee sees potential for growth and success, a space where they feel belonged and a culture where their opinions and ideas are valued and credited will bring the best out of the salesforce. Organizations must always take a keen interest in establishing a healthy workspace for all employees, including implementing a robust B2B SaaS marketing guide to stay ahead of market changes.

  • Use of Incentive Compensation

The best technique to improve performance in sales is through incentive compensation. It is a reward for the consistent effort put in by the salesperson over months, patiently generating leads, following up, and closing the deal. 


Among all the above-mentioned tips, the potential of incentive management is a tried, tested, and approved way of improving sales performance.

Despite its effectiveness and success in generating the expected results, many organizations do not realize the extent of development that has undergone in making the incentive calculation effortless. 

Automating your sales compensation makes the whole process precise and transparent. Keeping the salesperson's sheet clear of confusion will give them clarity on their rewards and motivate them to improve their performance. 

Kennect is an incentive compensation management and sales performance management tool that builds, runs, and automates your incentive compensation plans to create transparency and achieve operational efficiency. To know more Book A Demo TODAY!


Sheetal S Kumar

Sheetal is a content strategist and writer at Kennect. She has extensive writing experience in content marketing and research, focused on small business enterprises and B2B Saas. She is passionate about creating engaging and insightful blogs while exploring the power of content and social media.


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