MEDDPICC Sales Process: Everything you need to know.

April 29, 2024
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Asking questions are important. 

It was when Richard Dunkel and Jack Napoli were working at PTC , they asked three important questions and changed the sales world forever. 

  1. Why did PTC win deals?
  2. Why did PTC lose deals?
  3. Why did deals slip at PTC?

The answer they found was wrapped in an acronym- MEDDIC and revealed to the world. The six steps to strategically and effectively closing your deals. 

This was in the 1900s. Since then sales have changed, market trends and competition have changed, and the world has changed. 

Today after more than 30 years of MEDDIC, we stand at MEDDPICC an extensive and elaborate sales methodology. 

In this article we will walk you through the MEDDPICC acronym, understanding its definition, its components, and importance. 

We explore how to craft and implement the MEDDPICC sales process, its transformative impact, and some best practices to enhance your MEDDPICC sales process. 

So scroll down for more.  


MEDDPICC is a sales methodology that helps sales reps crack complex sales processes in a B2B business environment. 

It is an acronym for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Paper Process, Identifying Pain points, Champion and Competition. 

Incorporating MEDDPICC provides a structured framework for your sales process. 

In addition, it guides sales reps in understanding the hot leads, identifying customer needs and navigating complex sales journeys to ensure higher closing rates. 

Components of MEDDPICC

Understanding what constitutes MEDDPICC helps in hitting the right target precisely. 

Let's explore these key components to enhance your sales methodologies: 

Components of MEDDPICC


The first step helps identify the key performance metrics that matter to your prospects. Determining key metrics helps in tailoring the sales approach. 

Economic Buyer

Here we identify the executive who has the authority to make decisions. Targeting the economic buyer helps in a faster sales pipeline journey and quick closing of deals. 

Decision Criteria

Sales reps must understand what factors influence the decision-making process. This includes ease of use, integration time, budget, etc. Identifying decision criteria helps align the sales approach to cater to the customer needs. 

Decision Process

Sales reps must be aware of the decision-making process. This will help in dealing with delays, approaching the right person to move the process faster, and ensuring the timely closing of deals. 

Paper Process

Paper processing deals with the administrative and documentation part of the sales process. Timely processing and compliance will ensure a smooth pipeline journey without delays.  

Identifying Pain Points

Sales reps must be aware of the pain points of each of their potential clients. Addressing how your solution resolves these challenges will have a positive impact on their decision-making. 

Champion Identification

Sales reps must build a strong relationship with a champion within the client organization. The champion will act as your advocate and influence the decision-making process. 


Sales reps must understand your competitive landscape, and your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. These insights will help in finding your unique position among the crowd and enhancing your sales strategies. 

MEDDIPICC helps sales reps understand where and how to target to achieve maximum results. 

Understanding the Importance of Sales Methodologies

Building a systematic approach to company operations helps in increased efficiency, clearer communication, and better decision-making. 

This is exactly what MEDDPICC sales methodology does to your sales process. It guides sales reps through critical steps to ensure consistency in sales activities. 

MEDDPICC metrics help in effective qualification. It ensures that salesforce time, effort, and resources are put at the right leads for higher sales conversions and closing. 

It helps understand customer pain points and needs. Sales reps can approach potential clients with valuable insights and tailor their solutions to meet customer requirements. 

MEDDPICC also provides best practices and techniques to sales reps. It improves their customer engagement, and handling of objections and enhances their chances of closing a deal. 

In addition, it trains sales reps to be flexible and respond effectively to unique customer needs and requirements. 

Incorporating sales methodologies in your sales process prepares sales reps for their sales journey while providing a clear roadmap to handle each unique prospect. 

To read more about MEDDIC, check Meddic Sales: What is it and how to Implement it in Your Sales Process. 

Evolution from MEDDIC to MEDDICC to MEDDPICC

Richard Dunkel and Jack Napoli of PTC thought of improving the quality of their lead led to MEDDIC. It stands for Metric, Economic buyer, decision criteria, decision process, Identifying pain, and Champion.

Initially, it was competent to meet the sales process demands of the time. However, the changing sales environment demanded more elaborate sales methods.

Thus, came MEDDICC with a competition added to it. The dynamic market trends and increasing competitors demanded businesses to understand the competitive landscape.

Eventually, came MEDDPICC with the addition of the paper process. It strikes a balance between customer-centricity and administrative work and streamline the entire process.

Evolution from MEDDIC to MEDDICC to MEDDPICC gave a comprehensive sales methodology for sales reps to navigate complex sales processes.

Want to know how to go about with MEDDPICC in your sales process? Here is a MEDDPICC sales process checklist for you. 

Crafting an Effective MEDDPICC Template

Now we know that MEDDPICC can be a really useful tool in optimizing your sales process. 

Hence, organizations must put in the thought and effort while crafting your own MEDDPICC template. 

Let's explore the areas to look at while crafting an effective MEDDPICC template: 

Crafting an Effective MEDDPICC Template

Comprehensive Coverage of Elements

An effective sales methodology must cover all eight components of MEDDPICC comprehensively. It must clearly define each component and provide relevant directions to sales reps to navigate the sales process. 

Flexibility and Customization Options

Each sales journey is unique depending upon the sales process, customer profile, and industry. This means the MEDDPICC sales methodology must be flexible to adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the sales circumstances. 

Integration with Existing Tools and CRM Systems

MEDDPICC template must be designed to integrate with the existing sales tools and CRM systems. This helps streamline the entire sales process for the sales reps and provides visibility to the managers. 

Generating Actionable Insights

The MEDDPICC template must include actionable insights that sales reps can use in their everyday sales activities. This includes identifying key metrics, understanding the buyer motivation, assessing the competitive landscape, etc. 

User-Friendly Design and Accessibility

A tool is only as effective as its user-friendliness and accessibility. Therefore, the MEDDPICC template must include clear formatting, visual aids, and other layouts for easy comprehension. 

Taking these tips in your MEDDPICC template will help ensure that the sales methodology is used effectively in everyday sales activities to make informed decisions and navigate complex sales processes.

Successful Implementation of MEDDPICC in your Sales Process

Implementing MEDDPICC sales methodology in your sales process can have a great impact. 

However, the implementation requires a step-by-step approach to ensure it covers all stages of the sales process.  

Training and Education

MEDDPIC sales methodology must be implemented after providing comprehensive training to sales reps. They must be clear about its principles and components. Only with this clarity can they effectively apply it in their everyday sales process.


MEDDPICC must be customized depending on each organization. It must be tailored to fit the company's sales environment, product, sales cycle, industry trends, and customer base.

Executive Support

Senior leadership must support the promotion of the MEDDPICC sales process. Their support will help in reinforcing the sales methodology, aligning it with company goals, and ensuring its effective use by salesforce.

Coaching and Support

Sales reps must be provided coaching and guidance on MEDDPICC. Only then will they be able to apply it in their everyday sales activities and navigate complex sales processes.

Celebrate Successes

When MEDDPICC brings in success stories it must be shared with the sales team. This helps in reinforcing its value and encouraging sales reps to adopt it in their sales process. 

Continuous Improvement

Managers must regularly evaluate the effectiveness of MEDDPICC sales methodology. They must gather feedback and cross-check its effectiveness in bringing desired results. Regular review and adjustment help optimize it to handle the changing sales demands and requirements. 

Effective implementation of MEDDPICC is a group effort. From securing executive support to ensuring clarity of sales reps influence its successful implementation.

Transformative Impact of MEDDPICC on Sales Teams

There is no doubt how MEDDPICC can transform your sales process and bring in the desired results. 

To begin with, it improves the lead qualification process. It identifies crucial points like metrics, economic buyers, decision criteria, and other key metrics. 

This ensures a smooth pipeline journey, a high conversion rate, and enhanced closing of deals

Rather than targeting any random lead, MEDDPICC tries to aim at the most promising prospect. The method gathers customer information by understanding their needs, requirements, and challenges. 

The sales approach trains sales reps to address these challenges and resolve them through their products. 

This customer-centric approach will have a positive impact on their decision-making process.

Thus, MEDDPICC takes a data-driven approach in its sales methodology. It understands its potential leads, gathers their relevant information, and tailors the sales approach accordingly. 

This strategic approach helps in making informed decisions to gain their attention.

In addition, it provides a clear framework for sales reps to navigate through complex sales journeys. 

It prepares them to confidently approach potential clients, handle objections effectively, and position the product competitively to enhance their chances of conversion.

In short, MEDDPICC will transform your sales by optimizing and streamlining your sales process. 

For further reading, check The Complete Sales Checklist: Boosting your Sales Efficiency. 

Best Practices for MEDDPICC Implementation

Crafting and implementing sales methodology might not ensure its complete effectiveness. To bring that enhanced effect requires the adoption of best practices. 

Let us explore these best practices for the effective implementation of MEDDPICC in your sales operations. 

Best Practices for MEDDPICC Implementation

Establishing a Collaborative Environment

Organizations must foster teamwork and collaboration. It leads to open communication, knowledge sharing, and better coordination. These efforts will help in qualifying potential clients and pursuing opportunities successfully. 

Continuous Training and Development

Sales reps must be exposed to regular training and development. Opportunities like workshops, coaching sessions, and access to new resources will help them understand the changing market dynamics. These platforms help them gain new knowledge and skills to effectively implement MEDDPICC.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Incorporating technology is an inevitable part of today's sales operations. Technologies like CRM, sales performance tools, and other analytical platforms help gather accurate data insights on the effectiveness of MEDDPICC. 

Regular Evaluation and Adjustment

Implementing MEDDPICC is never a one-time process. It requires regular evaluation of the implementation, gathering feedback on its effectiveness, and identifying key areas of improvement. Only through regular review and adjustment can sales strategies cater to the changing needs of sales. 

Implementing these best practices will enhance the overall effectiveness of MEDDPICC by empowering your salesforce and improving the sales work environment. 


MEDDPICC leaves no stone unturned. It makes a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your sales process.

It identifies the ideal customer, their requirements, and challenges, and even analyzes the competitive landscape. Targeting the right authoritative person ensures a positive and quick decision-making process.

Such a comprehensive and customer-centric approach is meant to drive your sales and enhance revenue.

Incorporating such effective tools and strategies is a need of the present sales. The sales landscape is becoming increasingly dynamic with increased data-driven techniques and automation incorporation.

MEDDPICC provides valuable data insights on the sales process and seamlessly integrates with CRM. These features make it an ideal sales methodology to be incorporated into your sales operations.

A similar tool that is gaining popularity in sales is incentive automation. Sales rep's motivation and performance are so much dependent on their sales quotas and commissions. 

Hence, providing clarity and transparency in sales commission calculation becomes crucial.

If you are looking for such a cutting-edge solution, we are here to provide you with it.

Supercharge your incentives with Kennect. We automate your entire sales incentives process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

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