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Kennect ICM enables sales teams to stay focussed on their job while we automate incentive calculations and provide nudges that help them hit their quotas!

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What is Kennect?

Kennect is designed as a modern-age Sales Commission platform to help companies drive desired sales behaviour and bring transparency and agility to the sales compensation process.

The platform allows the sales operations team to automate incentive compensation with complete transparency and auditability through its intuitive and sales-centric design.

Build & automate your sales compensation programs with Kennect. Intelligent nudges help you activate your sales reps.

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What is Kennect?

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Meet Pulkit & Pralok

Co-founders of Kennect

Pulkit Agarwal is a former Ernst & Young consultant and an IIT Bombay alumnus. If you are lucky, you may find him dancing at one of our offsites!

Pralok Chhajed previously worked with Takeda Pharmaceuticals and is a Northeastern University alumnus. Pralok likes to surround himself with resourceful, proactive people and high on integrity. He wants to cook and often winds up reading a book.  Don’t be shocked to see Pralok in a vibrant shirt playing cricket outside of work!

It is no secret that sales teams are crucial in driving revenue for companies. However, more often than not, sales reps don’t know how much they will get paid until the end of the month when they receive their compensation!

Pulkit and Pralok launched Kennect in 2017 (Kennect Inc. incorporated in 2021) to address this gap. Our platform allows users to build, simulate and automate incentive plans and implement them using its no-code sales compensation automation.

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